Exhaustion and Regeneration in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Culture



Exhaustion and Regeneration in Post-Millennial North-American Literature and Culture

Julia Nikiel / Izabella Kimak  (eds.)

The essays included in this collection offer an overview of literary works, films, TV series, and visual art which reflect current (post-)millennial fascination with theorizing ends and beginnings. The contributions intend to x-ray the most crucial aspects of contemporary North-American literature and culture. Addressing a variety of media, the authors of the essays gathered in the book wonder at the ongoing spectacle of exhaustion and regeneration which is playing itself out on the American stage.

Table of contents


Marc Amfreville
The Facelessness of Melancholia: Rick Moody’s Black Veil

Richard Marklew
Imperatives of the World: Illness and Exhaustion in Paul Auster’s Oracle Night

Małgorzata Olsza
Adrian Tomine’s Poetics of Understatement: Drawing Death and Doubt in Killing and Dying

Blanka Kotlińska
(Re)Defining and (Re)Inventing the Literary at the Turn of the Century: Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves

Miriam Fernández-Santiago
Narrative Exhaustion and the Posthuman Narrative Self in Tao Lin’s Taipei

Tatiana Prorokova
Pre-Apocalyptic Horror of Climate Change: Colonization and Oil Drilling in The Last Winter

Anna Gilarek
Permaculture and Utopian Regeneration in Starhawk’s City of Refuge

Szymon Wnuk
To Seek Out the Upright: The Quest for Regeneration in the Latest Works of Cormac McCarthy

Maxi Albrecht
“We Are the Walking Dead,” but “We Ain’t Them”: Cognitive Exhaustion and the Figure of the Zombie in AMC’s The Walking Dead

Tomasz Sawczuk
How the World of TV Series Spins: Exhaustion and Regeneration in Twin Peaks: The Return

Radek Przedpełski
Animality, Animation, Animism, Anomaly | Exhaustion as Unlife in Lynch and Tagaq

Léna Remy-Kovach
Something Tells Me This Protest Is Far From Over: The Power of Indigenous Visual Art in the #NoDAPL Protests

Ewelina Bańka
“Viva la Santa de Cabora”: Dirt, Healing, and the New World Order in Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter

Edyta Frelik
American Anti-Intellectualism and Artistic Creativity: Some Observations on the “Dumbing” of America at the Onset of the New Millennium

Mirosław Aleksander Miernik
Turmoil and Change: A View at the Legacy of the 2007–2008 Financial Crisis and Great Recession