Night of Culture

The last day of  will coincide with Lublin’s XIV  (Noc Kultury), an annual city-wide cultural event co-created by hundreds of artists and attended by thousands of visitors. As part of the conference, all participants will be invited to join a special evening tour of the city center.

The theme of NoC changes every year. We’ll keep you posted about everything concerning NoC 2020. For now, please enjoy the coverage of past Nights of Culture and read the description of this year’s event, courtesy of Noc Kultury and Warsztaty Kultury. Also, check out NoC Facebook profile.

“Night of Culture (NoC) is a city festival that lasts one night only. On this night, we look at the world through the eyes of artists and residents who enter into a dialogue with Lublin’s public spaces and change their image by creating installations and art objects in places that we normally do not expect to have such potential. Art enlivens unknown or forgotten places and the places we do know are shown in a different, unusual light.  The festival inspires both residents and visitors to discover the secrets and charms of Lublin. Night of Culture  is all about magical moments. It is a festival of endless surprises and a time when extraordinary things happen.” (source:


(Noc Kultury 2018, fot. Ignac Tokarczyk,

“Lublin is a tale we have been reading for over 700 years and its vital part is Night of Culture – an evening which transforms our city every year.

The theme of this year’s edition is CityTale, that is a series of extraordinary events. We are facing a multi-threaded plot and several breathtaking chapters. It’s a tale featuring many protagonists, lots of dialogues, twists and turns as well as descriptions of nature, there will also be lots of retrospection and humour. On many occasions, we will also depart from the classic schemes towards more experimental and lesser known forms of narration.” (source: